Since the year 2015, the Jamaican government has worked immensely to improve our current RAIS tax system to be one that can be fully adequate and functional for an online platform. This therefore duly entails or stipulates that each citizen, business, or taxpayer will be given the chance to register an online Tax Account that can be used to not only file or pay taxes but make payments towards traffic tickets, Driver’s License renewal fees, pay property taxes, etc.

How has this improved our Tax System?

A few improvements have been quite commendable since the government made this transition. Most of these are evident or within the area or aspect of having easier access to more payment options. This is widely due to the payment options that are made available on the RAIS or Tax Online platform which entails being able to make payment via credit or debit card, or even via direct funds transfer (DFTN) Other commendable improvements include:

– Being able to submit all monthly filings which include that of GCT and SO1 Filing online. 

– Being able to track payments made online when done over a period.

– Being able to make amendments to filing or payments when done incorrectly via the submission of a web message on the TAJ platform. 

– Having access to other services such as applying for a TCC or making Motor Vehicle fitness payments.

– Being able to access to download trade license certificates without having to go into a branch. 

All these aspects have therefore enabled the government to garner more revenue and ultimately have increased its ability to track taxpayers who have failed to meet their tax obligations. 

Is the TAJ Raise System now totally Complete? 

Since the year 2022, the Government has been adding its final touches to the system. However, in the said year, there were some major holdups for persons or businesses to submit their final tax returns. As such, this forced the government to give an extension of the Tax Deadline to taxpayers. Thus, ultimately pushing it to March 22nd, 2022. After the implementations of these changes, taxpayers were thus able to navigate the system smoothly since. This, therefore, shows and proves that the government is totally committed to getting the Tax System to where it should be. As such, since 2023 has started there has only been one minor glitch experienced thus far which involves the calculation of ed-tax figures to persons earning below minimum wage. This, therefore, portrays that aside from the minor glitch, things are properly in place for the March 15th tax deadline of the year 2023. Hence, all taxpayers should work immensely to ensure that all tax obligations are met.

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Written by: Kmar Henry [ CEO |BIZcare Consultation & Accounting Firm Limited ]

Edited by: Sheryl Bailey [ Director | BIZcare Consultation & Accounting Firm Limited ]

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