As COVID-19 continues to change the way in which we conduct business, many business owners are now relishing the fact that creating an online platform is predominantly the new way of doing business. As we can see with the present rise in the ‘errands industry’, where our renowned ‘yeng yeng’ bikes are now frontrunners in transporting groceries, meals or to simply put it ‘mash up dat errands for you’. It is now a great avenue for bike riders to generate sustainable income to meet their daily living needs. In turn, this has forced business operators to invest heavily in the transportation field as restricting and monitoring ‘crowd’ is primarily now a new norm.

Why go online?

Whether you’re in the grocery, restaurant, loan, or auto parts field, making the transition from local or community-based to online-based is now more than ever greatly needed. Over the years, we have seen an evolution in market trends, which were created by a simple hashtag like #bigdeal by KFC, or #switchtoflow by you know whom. Hence, it is safe to say that exploring the online platform should have been considered by business operators from some five (5) years back, even without the impact of our present new contender ‘COVID-19’, who seems to have already won the battle of transforming not only the way how we approach business but also crucial factors of health and security. Ergo, with all these contributing factors coming together comprehensively to resolutely break down all the apprehension that business operators had before of ‘feeling safe’ to operate remotely from their service station or primary location. 

There has been a new need to ensure that some form of online marketing work is being done to capture those such customers by creating an online presence and platform. Whether it is that you are marketing what you do, how you do it, or even a prize giveaway, pushing that online presence is now the premiere way of maximizing your potential database or market share. As it is now, it is safe to admit that this is just the new ‘social media age, an era where businesses must work adapt to for their own survival and long-term viability.

How to go online?
Firstly, getting that website will be the hub for all things. Business owners will need to form a central virtual area for potential and existing customers to visit in order to be connected to all facets of your business. This virtual area should be flexible and user-friendly enough to feel just like a walk-in store visit where questions are easily answered by the business and feedback can easily be submitted by the customer. 

Once this hub is established the other platforms that come in handy in connecting with your business are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, engaging with your existing and potential customers via these virtual spaces should be the icing on the cake. Taking advantage of a consistent online presence will give you the leverage of creating a great following to market your products, services, and promotions with the aid of proper branding via online aesthetics. Also, let us not ignore the fact that transforming those social media handles will be tightly connected with the notion of how well these videos, pics (flyers, disclaimers), and hashtags are created. This is where business owners will need to sit and talk with a social media, PR agent, and marketing expert to bring across your imagery and online content in a manner that optimizes your engagement with the virtual world. 

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Written by: Kmar Henry [ CEO |BIZcare Consultation & Accounting Firm Limited ]

Edited by: Anothonio James [ CEO | I Am Skilled ]

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